There are County Health Directorate of Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate, Community Health Care affiliated to Kayseri Community Health Care Directorate, and Karpuzsekisi Health House affiliated to Community Health Centre in our county.

Directorate of County Health and Chairmanship of Community Health Centre are conducted by the same person. Also, Feyyaz Mercan Family Health Centre provides service in the same building.

3 midwives, 5 nurses, 1 laboratory technician, 1 environmental health technician, 1 medical secretary, 2 health officers, 1 data preparation and control operator, 1 officer, and 2 janitors work in County Health Directorate and only Community Health Centre. 1 midwife works in Health House. Also, totally 6 personnel, 3 of whom are doctors and 3 of whom are family health personnel work in Family Health Centre. In the Community Health centre, injection and dressing service is given from the 08.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening including weekdays and weekends, pregnancy tracking and training are provided, there are obesity and training units, and house health services are provided.

Examination is made and laboratory services are given between 08.00 and 17.00 in our Family Health Centre.